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Well-being & Positivity Programs

We believe in fostering a positive and supportive environment where students can thrive emotionally, socially, and academically. Our program is designed to promote well-being, resilience, and a sense of community within primary schools.

We believe in nurturing the potential of young minds through inspiring, fun, motivating, and empowering experiences. Our full-day workshops are designed to equip preteens and teenagers with valuable life skills while fostering resilience, addressing friendship issues, promoting a positive body image, boosting self-confidence, and encouraging goal planning.

We make learning enjoyable! Our workshops are designed to captivate young minds with interactive and engaging sessions that leave a lasting impact.

About Our Programs

Positive Mindset

Our engaging workshops focus on instilling a positive mindset in students. Through interactive activities and discussions, we empower children to develop resilience, cope with challenges, and embrace a growth mindset

Emotional Intelligence Training

We recognize the importance of emotional intelligence in a child’s development. Our program includes modules that teach students how to identify and manage their emotions, build empathy, and foster healthy relationships with peers.

Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques

We introduce simple mindfulness exercises and relaxation techniques to help students manage stress and improve concentration. These practices contribute to a calm and focused learning environment.

Physical Well-being

Healthy bodies support healthy minds. Our program incorporates activities that promote physical well-being, including exercise routines, nutritional guidance, and tips for maintaining an active lifestyle.

Peer Support and Community Building

Building a sense of community is crucial for a positive school environment. We encourage peer support through collaborative projects, team-building activities, and initiatives that celebrate diversity and inclusion.

Parental Involvement

We believe in a collaborative approach to well-being. Workshops and resources are provided to parents, enabling them to support their child’s emotional development at home. This fosters a strong connection between school and home environments.

Program Implementation

Our program is flexible and can be tailored to suit the unique needs of each school. We provide ongoing support to ensure the successful integration of the well-being and positivity program into the school curriculum.

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Program Structure

Duration: 4 Weeks

Frequency: Weekly Sessions (2 hours each)

Target Audience

  • Year Levels: 3 and above
  • Age Groups: Preteens and Teenagers

    Program Features

    Worksheets and Resources

    • Customized worksheets provided for each session.
    • Additional resources for further exploration.
    • Take-home activities to reinforce learning.

    Interactive Sessions

    • Group discussions to promote dialogue and understanding.
    • Role-playing for practical application of concepts.
    • Engaging activities designed for a fun and educational experience.

    Flexibility for Small or Large Groups

    • Adaptable for small or large student groups.
    • Personalized attention to each participant’s needs.

    Preteen and Teenager Programs

    • Tailored content and activities to suit the developmental stage.
    • Age-appropriate discussions and scenarios.

    Benefits for Students

    • Improved emotional intelligence
    • Enhanced self-awareness and self-esteem
    • Development of coping strategies and resilience
    • Strengthened social skills and communication
    • Introduction to mindfulness for stress management

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    Dance & Sporting
    Club Program

    Workshop Overview

    Duration: 3 Hours

    Fundraising Opportunity

    How it Works:

    • Clubs can host the workshop as a fundraising event.
    • Participants pay a registration fee, with a portion of the proceeds going directly to the club.


    • Empower your members with valuable well-being tools.
    • Strengthen the sense of community within the club.
    • Raise funds to support club activities, equipment, and events.

    Workshop Features

    Engaging Activities

    • Interactive discussions and group exercises for a dynamic experience.
    • Worksheets and activities. 

    Customised Content

    • Workshops can be tailored to specific age groups and size of the group.
    • Topics can be customised.

    Why Choose Our Workshops?

    • Empowerment: Providing participants with practical tools for personal growth and positivity. 
    • Positive Impact: Fostering a positive and supportive club culture.

    Benefits for Students

    • Improved emotional intelligence
    • Enhanced self-awareness and self-esteem
    • Development of coping strategies and resilience
    • Strengthened social skills and communication
    • Introduction to mindfulness for stress management
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    A little more about our workshops:

    Our workshops are led by experienced and passionate facilitators dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment. We believe in learning by doing. Our workshops incorporate a variety of interactive activities, discussions, and exercises to make the experience memorable.

    We prioritise creating a safe and supportive space where participants feel comfortable expressing themselves and exploring their potential.  The skills learned in our workshops go beyond the day, providing participants with tools they can use throughout their lives.

    The following topics are covered in the sessions

    • Individuality & Identifying Strengths
    • Social Skills
    • Positive Friendships
    • Friendship Fires & Bully-Proof Skills
    • Growth Mindset
    • Resilience
    • Gratitude and Relaxation
    • Healthy Mind, Healthy Body
    • Self talk
    • Revision and Presentation
    • Body Image
    • Social Media
    • Goal Setting and Planning

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    What people are saying about our classes…

    Wonderful Workshop

    “Thank you so much for the workshop you provided to our daughter. She had an amazing time meeting new friends, playing the games and completing the activities. She can not wait to attend another workshop, thank you!”

    Brilliant course

    “ What a wonderful course for girls. We highly recommend and will be doing it again in the future. My daughter loved attending. Sarah was so nurturing and caring towards all the girls as well as the parents. We were sad when it was the last class”.

    Highly recommend

    “My daughter recently attended Sarah’s course which was amazing! We highly recommend it. My daughter was so excited each week to attend and would always come home beaming. We will be doing the course again”

    Fabulous! Thank you

    “Sarah went above and beyond to make our daughter feel welcomed and safe at her workshop. Our daughter is shy when meeting new people but Sarah made her feel so welcomed. She loved the games and activities you provided, thank you so much“.