Group Sessions & One on One

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Group sessions and one on one 

We believe in nurturing the potential of young minds through inspiring, fun, motivating, and empowering experiences. Our courses and workshops can be run as a group session or as a one on one over a few weeks. 

They are designed to equip preteens and teenagers with valuable life skills while fostering resilience, addressing friendship issues, promoting a positive body image, boosting self-confidence, and encouraging goal planning.

We make learning enjoyable! Our sessions are designed to captivate young minds with interactive and engaging sessions that leave a lasting impact.

Group Sessions & One on One

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment with our group sessions or one on one tailored for preteens and teenagers as well as young adults. We create an inspiring, fun, motivating, and empowering environment where participants explore essential topics that shape their personal growth.

Individuality & Identifying Strengths: Celebrate uniqueness and discover individual strengths, fostering a strong sense of identity.

Social Skills: Develop crucial social skills that empower participants to navigate various social situations with confidence.

Positive Friendships: Explore the foundations of positive friendships, learning how to build and maintain healthy connections.

Friendship Fires & Bully-Proof Skills: Equip participants with strategies to handle conflicts, promote empathy, and navigate potential challenges with resilience.

Growth Mindset: Foster a growth mindset that encourages a positive attitude towards learning and challenges.

Resilience: Build resilience and learn effective coping mechanisms to navigate life’s ups and downs.

Gratitude and Relaxation: Cultivate gratitude and relaxation techniques for a balanced and mindful approach to life.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body: Explore the interconnectedness of mental and physical well-being, emphasizing the importance of a holistic approach to health.

Self-Talk: Develop positive self-talk habits to enhance self-esteem and overall well-being.

Social Media Awareness: Navigate the complexities of social media with awareness and responsible use.

Goal Setting and Planning: Guide participants in setting and planning achievable goals, instilling a sense of purpose and direction.

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Group Sessions

Dates and locations available across
Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills

Fees may be covered by NDIS funding

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One on One

Dates and locations available across
Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills

Fees may be covered by NDIS funding

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A little more about our sessions:

Our sessions are led by experienced and passionate facilitators dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment. We prioritise creating a safe and supportive space where participants feel comfortable expressing themselves and exploring their potential.  

The skills learned in our sessions go beyond the day, providing participants with tools they can use throughout their lives.

With our group sessions they can be held in groups of 2+
You may know a group of preteens, teenagers or young adults who would like to meet over a few weeks and work together on building their confidence, self-esteem, creating goals, motivate and inspire one another.

Group sessions and one on one sessions are held for 90 mins over 5 weeks at a location agreed upon, these can be at a home, cafe, library, school or office.

NDIS funding maybe available

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What people are saying about our classes…

Wonderful Workshop

“Thank you so much for the workshop you provided to our daughter. She had an amazing time meeting new friends, playing the games and completing the activities. She can not wait to attend another workshop, thank you!”

Brilliant course

“ What a wonderful course for girls. We highly recommend and will be doing it again in the future. My daughter loved attending. Sarah was so nurturing and caring towards all the girls as well as the parents. We were sad when it was the last class”.

Highly recommend

“My daughter recently attended Sarah’s course which was amazing! We highly recommend it. My daughter was so excited each week to attend and would always come home beaming. We will be doing the course again”

Fabulous! Thank you

“Sarah went above and beyond to make our daughter feel welcomed and safe at her workshop. Our daughter is shy when meeting new people but Sarah made her feel so welcomed. She loved the games and activities you provided, thank you so much“.