Jumping Castle Hire

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Jumping Castle Hire

Our magical jumping castle range is the easiest way to add a touch of magic and create endless hours of FUN to your next birthday party or event!  The sounds of laughter and giggles coming from inside the castle puts a smile on everyone’s face; children (and adults) light up with excitement when they see a castle set up at a party or event.

Our jumping castles offer hours of enjoyment with a large interior jumping area, basketball hoop, padded stairs leading up to an internal fun slide; the high-visibility mesh allows spectators to keep an eye on participants.


Jumping castles: Our castles are 5 x 4.5 x 4 (L x W x H in metres) in size.

Set up area required: 6 x 5 x 4.5 (L x W x H in metres). The additional area is required to accommodate blower fans, entrances and exits, movement and a safety perimeter. If space is limited, castles can be set up on the front or back of yards and on driveways.

 Age range: Suitable for children from ages 2 to 12 years (parent supervision is required for younger children).

Our Jumping Castle

We are a multi multi-award-winning event and children’s entertainment business who love to entertain. We LOVE to throw a party and have loads of FUN! Our jumping castles are super fun and will add hours of entertainment at your next party or event.
Our jumping castles can be hired on their own or as part of one of our fabulous packages.  

 Inside of each our castles has a large bouncing area, basketball hoop and slide.

4 hours – $240
7 hours – $270

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4 Hours $240

7 Hours $270

Our Avengers Jumping Castle is full of superheroes, your guests will love choosing what superhero to be!

Size: Length 5m, Width 4.5m, Height 4m
Additional 30mins: $50.00

Travel costs: A delivery fee may apply depending on your location

Deposit: $50.00 deposit is payable when booking to confirm your party or event.

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4 Hours $240

7 Hours $270

Every Frozen fan’s favourite characters Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff all together on our magical Frozen castle! 

Size: Length 5m, Width 4.5m, Height 4m
Additional 30mins: $50.00

Travel costs: A delivery fee may apply depending on your location

Deposit: $50.00 deposit is payable when booking to confirm your party or event.

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4 Hours $240

7 Hours $270

Every little girl’s dream to have our magical princess castle at their birthday party!

Size: Length 5m, Width 4.5m, Height 4m
Additional 30mins: $50.00

Travel costs: A delivery fee may apply depending on your location

Deposit: $50.00 deposit is payable when booking to confirm your party or event.

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 Toy Story




4 Hours $240

7 Hours $270

“There’s a snake in my boot”. Everyone’s favourite Buzz and Woody joined by the cheeky toys of Toy Story! 

Size: Length 5m, Width 4.5m, Height 4m
Additional 30mins: $50.00

Travel costs: A delivery fee may apply depending on your location

Deposit: $50.00 deposit is payable when booking to confirm your party or event.

Jumping Castle FAQs

How do I make a booking?

Making a booking is super easy! You can book online 24 hours 7 days a week, choose the castle you would like to hire; click ‘check availibility’ and select the date and time; complete and submit the online booking and pay the $50 deposit (paypal, credit card and bank transfer are available).

You will receive a confirmation email to confirm your booking as well as one of our friendly staff will be in touch to confirm the details. You are welcome to contact us directly to place a booking; phone 0411 073 100, or email at asprinkleofmagic@outlook.com

Do you require a deposit or bond?

A $50 deposit is required upon making a booking. A confirmation email will be sent to you confirming your booking along with an itinerary and invitations.  You will receve an invoice for the remainder of the payment minus the deposit paid which is to be paid on or before the day of booking, prior to the castle being setup.

In some instances, like an overnight hire, a bond may be taken as well. This bond can range from $100 to $200 depending on what is hired. 

How much notice is required when making a booking?

To ensure you are able to book the castle on the date and time you would like, we suggest booking in advance (more for corporate or Christmas bookings). Warmer months are generally busier, they do book out quite fast, and some designs are more popular than others. If you would like a specific castle design to fit in with your theme, we ask that you secure your booking early, if you are unsure you are welcome to pencil in the date; we will confirm with you as the date becomes closer.

If you are unable to find the date and time you are after, please still contact us and we will do our very best to try and accomodate you. 

Available dates and times will be regularly updated on our website making it easier for you to book online.

Our castles are available 7 days a week, all year round including Public Holidays.

What time can I hire a jumping castle?

You are able to hire a jumping castle for any time of the day, we do require daylight to be able to set the castle up safely. Safety is important to us; therefore we operate castles in daylight hours. 

If extended hours are required there must be adequate lighting. Overnight hire is also available, pick up will occur the following morning.

Please contact us to discuss your event times and we will do our very best to accomodate. 

During non daylight saving times between 9am – 5pm.

During daylight savings times: between 9am-7pm

Overnight Castle Hire

It is possible to book an overnight castle hire if your party/event finishes later in the night. There are some conditions though that must be complied with and they are listed below.

  1. The yard in which it is placed must be secured. (e.g. fenced)
  2. There cannot be any loose animals in the yard overnight
  3. The unit must be switched off once everyone has finished playing
  4. Customers must make sure there is sufficient light for safe jumping
  5. There will be a $200 bond to ensure the castle is as clean when we pick it up as it was when first setup

Overnight hire is a little more expensive than a daytime hire due to the fact that the castle must be inflated and dried out the next morning to air any dew which may have settled on the castle overnight.

Please contact us if you would like an overnight hire asprinkleofmagic@outlook.com


When do you deliver?

We are committed to delivering your inflatable on or before your requested time.

For events with specific time slots are allocated for bookings, we make sure to deliver and pick up on time. For informal bookings, we are more flexible with time. On a day when several castles are booked for the same time (i.e 4 castles are booked to be delivered at 12pm and are all on the different sides of the city) in order to deliver all castles on time our driver might deliver your castle earlier than your requested time of delivery and you will not be charged any extra for this. 

This will be confirmed with you prior to your booking.

How long does it take to set up/pack up the castle?

It takes around 15 – 20 minutes to set up the jumping castle depending on the type of access. It takes around 20 minutes to dismantle the jumpy castle. The jumping castle should not be moved to any other location once installed by us. 

Castles weight in excess of 150 Kilos and cannot be lifted over fences or obstacles. Please advise us when booking if you have access issues, stairs, or steep driveways.

Our castles take a few minutes to inflate. The laying out and setting up of the castle is what takes the most amount of time. It may take slightly longer to pack up though as all of the air needs to be squashed out of the castle.

These times will be depended on the accessibility of the site.

Is the set up and pack down done within my booked time?

The set up and pack up is always done outside of your booked time.

For backyard parties the set up and/or pack up can be done anytime during the 2 hours prior to your booked start time; this is because we often have many castles to set up at the same time.

For supervised bookings the castle will generally be set up in the 30-60 minutes prior to your booked start time.

Access will need to be made available. This information will be clarified and confirmed with you prior to your event.

What size is the jumping castle and how much space will I need?

Our jumping castles are 5m long x 4.5m wide x 4m high. You must also allow at least 1metre clearance around the castle for flex when the children are bouncing as well as the blower at the back of the castle.

Please also ensure that a power supply is nearby. Check for any overhanging trees and branches.

In case of narrow, uneven or steps please notify us in advance.

What happens on the day of castle hire?

On the day of your jumping castle hire, we will attend at the location entered on your booking form and confirmed with you prior to the day of booking. We will completely install the jumping castle which includes a complete safety check.

We will also take you through the operations of the castle and advise you in how to operate and supervise the jumping castle. We will go through the terms and conditions of hire with you for you to read and sign. These will also be emailed to you prior to your booking.

Can we move the castle once it is installed?

Due to safety & insurance requirements the Castle cannot be moved once assembled.

Can the castle be set up in a park, picnic point, sporting ground or public reserve?

Yes! We do not charge you any extra to set up in a park.  If you require us to set up in a public reserve or park, you may need to get permission from the park or centre to have a jumping castle as well as check if there are any requirements or fees.

The ground must also be clear of any sharp objects or obstructions prior to castle arrival and set up. You may need to hire a generator if there is no power supply. 

Can the castles be set up on any surface?

Our jumping castles can be placed on most surfaces i.e. grass, timber deck, concrete etc. It needs to be flat, even and clear from any sharp objects, stones, tree branches, garden waste and any animal waste that may damage or dirty the castles.

We provide a custom made heavy duty canvas tarpaulin to be placed underneath the castles and use multiple sandbags that are secured to the jumping castle. 

Does someone need to supervise the jumping castle while it is in use?

A person over the age of 18 years or above must supervise the castle at all times. The nominated person must be a responsible person who can maintain safety and supervision and must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The supervisor must always have a clear and unobstructed view of the children and must not leave the inflatable unattended. If they do need to leave the castle for any time, they must appoint another supervisor over the age of 18 years. 


Cleaning of the castles and how do you clean them?

Hygiene and cleaniness of our castles is very important to us. We take great care of our castles to ensure they continue to look clean and our customers are assured they are safe, healthy and hygienic to use. 

At both setup and packup, we blow down and vacuum the castle to remove any debris that may have tracked in from little feet and hands or become stuck in the seams.W

We use an eco-friendly solution that kills 99.99% of bacteria to clean down the castle surfaces before packing away.

Ona regular basis, our castles are inflated, scrubbed down and dried thoroughly to maintain their sparkle and cleaniness.

What happens if we damage the castle?

If there is a damage to the equipment, the hirer will be liable for all damages and the cost of repair for the castle, including transport costs. This is set out in the Terms and Conditions document you will receive.

Do I need a generator?

If you are having an outdoor event in the park or a playground where a power point is not available you do need a generator. The hirer will need to organise their own generator.

Are the castles safe and are there any safety requirements?

All our castles are fully enclosed so that no one can fall out of them. The castles are tied down to very heavy sandbags.

The castles are complaint to the Australian Standard AS3533, however, it is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that the castles are operated in a safe environment and all safety guidelines are met and the castle is supervised at all times while in use.

The hirer must turn off the equipment in case of bad/wet weather and notify the owner immediately of any damages or accidents.

You will receive our Terms and Conditions outlining all the safety requirements for hire and use.

How long does the jumping castle stay up for?

The castles will stay up as long as the blower stays connected. The blower must always stay plugged into a main electrical socket at all times. DO NOT plug extension lead into a double adaptor or powerboard as this may cause deflation of the castle.

What happens if it rains or bad weather?

We strongly recommend that the castles should not be used in bad weather to ensure safety of children.

If there are strong winds or severe weather conditions forecast for the day of the hire, A Sprinkle of Magic reserves the right to cancel a booking if safety of persons deemed would be at risk. We would be happy to reschedule or refund the deposit if such an event does occur.

You can cancel your booking with 24hrs notice due to weather conditions and there will be no cancellation fee. If you book within 24hrs of the delivery time a cancellation fee of $30 will be charged and if we arrive with your castle and the weather changes or you change your mind you will have to pay in full and no discounts or refunds will be given.

Is there a cancellation fee?

There is a 50% cancellation fee if you don’t notify us at least 3 days before the booking.

Are you insured?

Yes we are fully insured and carry public liability insurance. A certificate of currency will be provided upon request wherever required by law.

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Would absolutely recommend!

“Fairy Belle hosted my daughter’s 5th birthday party! Excellent communication leading up to the day, a precisely timed itinerary for the party, arrived early and transformed the garden to a fairy land. She handled and kept occupied all the guests. Everyone had a great time.”

Kids loved every minute of it!

“Thank you so much Fairy Belle for an amazing fairy party for our 4 year old Savannah. The kids loved every minute of it. Fairy Belle was professional and just great with the kids. Couldn’t recommend her highly enough for any birthday party”.

Went above and beyond...

“Thank you so much for coming to Mila’s party, you went above and beyond to make sure the guests were happy and having a great time, Mila hasn’t stopped talking about you and how awesome she thought her party was. THANKYOU”

It was absolutely beautiful!

“Sarah went above and beyond to make the experience amazing for my daughter and boy did she do a wonderful job. I had it in my house and Sarah set everything up. It was absolutely beautiful and my daughter loved it. Thank you so much Sprinkle of Magic “.

Connected with each guest at the party...

“We recently had Fairy Belle host our child’s Birthday Party! It was fantastic. All the decorations looked fabulous. The children were in awe of it all. She spoke lovely to the children and connected well with each guest at the party. It was the easiest birthday party we have had! I highly recommend booking a party with A Sprinkle of Magic.

Thank you Sarah for the amazing effort you put into the party. Clemmie had the best time!”